Blogging Tips Running a Successful Business Blog [Updated 2019]


Writing a blog shouldn’t be a stressful obligation for you. If it is, you’re doing something wrong. Maybe you’re forcing yourself to write about a topic that bores you, you’re not organized, you don’t understand how to upload your blog, or you hate writing. These are all problems that can easily be solved.

First, decide what your blog problem is:

My blog topic bores me.

I’m unorganized.
I don’t understand how to upload a blog.
I hate writing.

Now, find your problem below for a remedy:

1. My blog topic bores me: The dreaded boring blog nothing is worse. My advice to you is to be yourself and share your passions. If you’re writing a business blog that is super professional and stuffy, you’re going to lose your audience. Personable and passionate writing is much more enticing for both you and the reader.

2. I’m unorganized: Being rushed to search for blog topics, publish your posts, or optimize your posts can be super stressful. Eliminate this mass chaos by creating a blog editorial calendar in advance. In your calendar, breakdown each topic you want to write about on your blog over the course of the next month.

When you have a concrete schedule, sit down and write 25 posts in one sitting. Always try to incorporate several keywords and key phrases throughout your posts in a natural manner. If you read your posts aloud and they sound odd with the keywords, remove them. Keywords should flow smoothly in your posts. Batching is always a great way to hone in on your writing skills and get a few posts out of the way.

3. I don’t understand how to upload a blog: Unfortunately, the only thing you can do when you’re in this situation is either watch blog tutorials for your blog software or hire someone to upload your blog posts for you. Whichever option you choose, you’ll find that, in the long run, you’ll save time and energy, while eliminating stress.

4. I hate writing: That’s OK! Record yourself speaking about a particular topic on audio or video. If you record audio of yourself, turn it into a podcast for iTunes users to download. If you record a video of yourself offering tips and advice, upload the video to YouTube and share it with your blog readers. Another great way to eliminate the burden of having to write blog posts is by using lots of photos throughout your posts. Blogs don’t have to always be web copy based, but for search engine purposes you should have some written web content that at least explains the images, audio, or video in your blog. And try to write at least one blog post a week. The other posts for the week can be more multimedia based.

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